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Additional Donations



Our target is to donate 15,000 bottles

To support those communities that are most vulnerable, our intention is to donate some hand sanitizers to charities, medical workers, low income families, or to those who cannot afford to pay a high price for these disinfectant products during this difficult period.


Taskpins will commit to donating a minimum of 5,000 bottles. 

Your help is requested in two other areas:

  1. We are looking for volunteers to assist with deliveries.
    • Volunteers should be strong enough to carry the sanitizers. For reference, a box of 48 bottles weighs around 5-6KG and a full carton weighs around 35KG
    • Ideally you have your own transport. Volunteers are requested to absorb all costs incurred related to delivery (transport, petrol, tunnels, parking etc…)
  2. For those who would rather contribute in other ways, for every box of 48 bottles you purchase, Taskpins will directly donate another box of 48 to one of our identified causes. A box of 48 costs HK$1,440 (i.e. HK$30 per bottle). This will allow us to purchase an additional 10,000 bottles for donation
    • Note: For purchases, you are welcome to come collect from our offices (by appointment only), or alternatively you may donate your box to a charity too. 

Please note that we can only take bulk orders at the moment. Minimum order starts at one box (48 bottles).

Stock is available in Hong Kong and ready for immediate delivery on first come first served basis. Please be reminded that buyer will be responsible for arranging delivery from our facility in Wong Chuk Hang.


We thank you for your support. We wish you well and healthy. Please send your inquiry via whatsapp +852 9818 4105.

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隨著新型冠狀病毒於香港持續蔓延,市面上各樣防疫保護用品如:醫用口罩、消毒搓手液等的銷售價格亦因此提高,以致基層市民負擔 加重。


有鑒於此,本公司特意從印度引進一批當地政府醫院術前專用之酒精消毒搓手液,期望能為社福機構、低收入家庭、醫務工作者或其他 有需要人士伸出援手。


現誠意邀請各有心人士參與義賣活動。我們承諾 —「您每買一支,我地就捐一支」!




如有意出一分力,敬請與我們聯絡,產品會按照先到先得之方式交收。溫馨提示: 買家需自行安排貨運 (及貨運之費用)。 請whatsapp +852 6685 6850 查詢更多詳情。

Sanitizer Specifications

Brand: Septi Pure – XP (Hand Sanitizer Solution, not a gel)

Label: Antibacterial Kills 99.99% Germs, Instant Surgical Hand Scrub / Waterless Hand Disinfectant With Moisturizer

Manufacturer: Midas-Care Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

Country of Manufacture: India



Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol 95% v/v) – 70.00% V/V

Isopropyl Alcohol – 2.90% V/V

Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution – 1.00% V/V



Plastic bottles with flip top lid

Size: 100ml Net Content



We can only offer bulk Purchases at the moment. Each box contains 48 bottles.

HK$1,440 per box of 48 bottles (i.e. HK$30 per bottle)


品牌:Septi Pure – XP(水劑搓手液)
製造商:Midas-Care Pharmaceuticals Pvt

乙醇(乙醇95%v / v)– 70.00%V / V
異丙醇– 2.90%V / V
葡萄糖酸洗必泰溶液– 1.00%V / V



容量: 淨含量100ml




每箱48支 港幣$ 1,440(即每支港幣$ 30)