Introduction to Photo Editing with Lightroom

Do you want to have your own unique editing style that your clients, friends, and family will love? Make your photos shine!

This Introduction to Photo Editing with Lightroom course will take a complete beginner through Lightroom in a practical and hands on workshop. You will understand the different adjustments available and how each one impacts a picture. If you have already dabbled in Lightroom but need some assistance, then fill any gaps of knowledge that are causing confusion and enable yourself to use this program to its full potential

Post-processing is an essential skill for keen enthusiasts or anyone looking to make photography their profession. This one-time investment will provide you with a structured Lightroom training course that will save you time by ensuring you get the thorough and accurate knowledge required to create your own style


You will bring a RAW photo of your choice to edit, or we will provide one if you do not have one. We will teach you how to edit photos in Lightroom from the beginning, from bringing the photo into Lightroom to editing and exporting the photo

We will explore and learn about all of the tools in a step-by-step manner, making it a highly practical hands-on class

By the end of the class, you will have an edited photo and a better understanding of how to edit your photos



  • New Photographers who want to start taking RAW pictures
  • Any photographer who wants to learn to edit in their own signature style
  • New Lightroom users who want to learn more about the program in order to use it to its fullest extent
  • People who have never used Lightroom before
  • Those looking for a workflow that makes editing easy and fast



  • Navigating the Lightroom application
  • Importing and organizing photos 
  • Using basic editing tools to fix photo problems like crop, white balance, and exposure 
  • Editing with advanced techniques 
  • Improving portraits & photos of people 
  • Setting up Lightroom to run efficiently
  • Exporting photos; and so much more! 



  • At the end of the course, we will print your picture using museum grade paper and archival ink



  • Participants must bring their own laptop 
  • Participants must have their own subscription to Adobe Lightroom Photoshop Clasic (LrC). This is the full desktop version and the latest version must be installed on the participants computer
  • This course is open to anyone aged 15 and above



Saturday, 11 Dec @ 10:30 am 

Monday, 13 Dec @ 2:30 pm 

Thursday, 16 Dec @ 10:30 am 

Saturday, 18 Dec @ 10:30 am