Whether you are a seasoned pro or you are passionate about what you can offer, we are here to help you to connect to your clients.


How do I get started?
Just drop us a line telling us your expertise / qualifications. We would love to meet you in person, have a quick chat and we will see how we can connect you with a client (or even clients).


Why do we want to meet you in person?
We want to get to know you, also to see how we can maximize your expertise and connect you to the clients.





Frequently Asked Questions



How do I qualify to be a service provider?
We believe everyone is good at something, and everyone has something to offer. Don’t be shy! Meet us for a coffee and we are sure we can find your “aha” moment.

Am I considered a Taskpins’ employee?
No. You are your own boss. You join the Taskpins network as an approved subcontractor.



How do I get paid?
Usually 2 working days upon receipt of a completed sign-in sheet or invoice. Payment will be made by cheque or PayPal.



Can the client book directly with me?
All bookings must be made and paid for via Taskpins. Client is not permitted to book or pay the subcontractor directly for 365 days from the most recent invoicing date.